Describes the literal relation operator in the multi-stage query engine.

The literal operator is used to define a constant value in the query. This operator may be generated by the multi-stage query engine when you use a constant value in a query.

Blocking nature

The literal operator is a blocking operator, but given its trivial nature it should not matter.

Implementation details

The literal operator is a simple operator that does not require any computation.





Type: Long

The summation of time spent by all threads executing the operator. This means that the wall time spent in the operation may be smaller that this value if the parallelism is larger than 1.


Type: Long

The number of groups emitted by the operator. It should always be one.

Explain attributes


Tips and tricks

Avoid very large literals

Take care when using very large literals (in the order hundreds of KBs), as they may need to be sent from brokers to servers and in general may introduce latencies in the parsing and query optimization.

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