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2020/04/27 Introducing Apache Pinot 0.3.0
2020/04/10 Using Apache Pinot and Kafka to Analyze GitHub Events
2020/02/20 Analyzing anomalies with ThirdEye
2020/01/15 Engineering SQL Support on Apache Pinot at Uber
2019/07/11 Auto-Tuning Pinot Real-Time Consumption
2019/06/14 Star-Tree Index: Powering Fast Aggregations on Pinot
2019/06/03 Smart Alerts in ThirdEye, LinkedIn’s Real-Time Monitoring Platform
2019/03/12 Pinot Joins Apache Incubator
2019/01/09 Introducing ThirdEye: LinkedIn’s Business-Wide Monitoring Platform
2017/09/26 Engineering Restaurant Manager, our UberEATS Analytics Dashboard
2015/06/10 Open Sourcing Pinot: Scaling the Wall of Real-Time Analytics