Starting from the 0.3.X release, Pinot supports a plug-and-play architecture. This means that starting from version 0.3.0, Pinot can be easily extended to support new tools, like streaming services and storage systems.

Plugins are collected in folders, based on their purpose. The following types of plugins are supported.

Input Format

Input format is a set of plugins with the goal of reading data from files during data ingestion. It can be split into two additional types: record encoders (for batch jobs) and decoders (for ingestion). Currently supported record encoder formats are: avro, orc and parquet encoders, while for streaming: csv, json and thrift decoders.

Input formats

File System

File System is a set of plugins devoted to storage purpose. Currently supported file systems are: adsl, gcs and hdfs.

File Systems

Stream Ingestion

Stream Ingestion is a set of plugins targeted to ingest data from streams. Currently supported streaming services: kafka 0.9 and kafka 2.0.

Stream ingestion

Batch Ingestion

Batch Ingestion is a set of plugins targeted to ingest data from batches. Currently supported ingestion systems are: spark, hadoop and standalone jobs.

Batch Ingestion

Developing Plugins

Plugins can be developed with no restriction. There are some standards that have to be followed, though. The plugin have to implement the interfaces from the link

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