Pinot File System

File System is a set of plugins devoted to storage purpose.

Currently supported file systems are:

  • ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage)

  • GCS (Google Cloud Storage)

    • To configure the GcsPinotFS filesystem, the server and controller must be configured as shown below. The account associated with the GCP_KEY_FILE must be able to create and drop objects in the gcs bucket, for example if the account has the Storage Admin and Storage Object Admin roles for the bucket that will be sufficient. The data directory on the controller will point to gcs.

    • Jvm options should include the gcs plugin:

    -Dplugins.dir=/opt/pinot/plugins -Dplugins.include=pinot-gcs

    • Controller config:<bucket>/<directory>/<project id><location of gcp json key>
    • Server config:<project id><location of gcp json key>

  • HDFS