Update Documentation

Pinot documentation is powered by Gitbook, and a bi-directional Github integration is set up to back up all the changes.

The git repo is here: https://github.com/pinot-contrib/pinot-docs

For Pinot Contributor, there are majorly two ways to update the documentations.

Submit a Pull Request

This follows the old fashion of updating documentations.

You can checkout pinot-docs repo and modify the documentation accordingly then submit a PullRequest for review.

Once the PR got merged, the changes will automatically applied to corresponding Gitbook pages.

Please note that all Gitbook documentation follows Markdown Syntax.

Directly Edit on Gitbook

Once granted edit permission, contributors could edit any page on Gitbook and then save and merge the changes by themselves. This is one example commit on Github repo to reflect the updates coming from Git book: Adding Update Document Page Commit.

Usually we grant edit permission to committers and active contributors.

Please contact admin(Email to dev@pinot.apache.org with the content you wanna add) to ask for edit permission for Pinot Gitbook.

Once granted the permission, you can directly working on Pinot Gitbook UI to modify the documentation, and merge changes.

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