V2 Multi-Stage Query Engine


The new multi-stage query engine (a.k.a V2 query engine) is designed to support more complex SQL semantics such as JOIN, OVER window, MATCH_RECOGNIZE and eventually, make Pinot support closer to full ANSI SQL semantics.

It also resolves the bottleneck effect for the broker reduce stage where only a single machine is dedicated to perform heavy lifting such as high cardinality GROUP BY result merging; ORDER BY sorting, etc.

How to use the V2 query engine

To enable the V2 engine,

  1. please make sure to either

  2. Please add the following configurations to your cluster config:

    • "pinot.multistage.engine.enabled": "true",
      "pinot.server.instance.currentDataTableVersion": "4",
      "pinot.query.server.port": "8421",
      "pinot.query.runner.port": "8442"
  3. Start the cluster normally, you should see the following window in the controller query page:

Design Details

The overall PEP design doc and discussion can be found in the following links

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