Broker Query API

REST API on the Broker

Pinot can be queried via a broker endpoint as follows. This example assumes broker is running on localhost:8099

The Pinot REST API can be accessed by invoking POST operation with a JSON body containing the parameter sql to the /query/sql endpoint on a broker.

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST \
   -d '{"sql":"select foo, count(*) from myTable group by foo limit 100"}' \

Query Console

Query Console can be used for running ad-hoc queries (checkbox available to query the PQL endpoint). The Query Console can be accessed by entering the <controller host>:<controller port> in your browser


You can also query using the pinot-admin scripts. Make sure you follow instructions in Getting Pinot to get Pinot locally, and then

cd incubator-pinot/pinot-tools/target/pinot-tools-pkg 
bin/ PostQuery \
  -queryType sql \
  -brokerPort 8000 \
  -query "select count(*) from baseballStats"
2020/03/04 12:46:33.459 INFO [PostQueryCommand] [main] Executing command: PostQuery -brokerHost localhost -brokerPort 8000 -queryType sql -query select count(*) from baseballStats
2020/03/04 12:46:33.854 INFO [PostQueryCommand] [main] Result: {"resultTable":{"dataSchema":{"columnDataTypes":["LONG"],"columnNames":["count(*)"]},"rows":[[97889]]},"exceptions":[],"numServersQueried":1,"numServersResponded":1,"numSegmentsQueried":1,"numSegmentsProcessed":1,"numSegmentsMatched":1,"numConsumingSegmentsQueried":0,"numDocsScanned":97889,"numEntriesScannedInFilter":0,"numEntriesScannedPostFilter":0,"numGroupsLimitReached":false,"totalDocs":97889,"timeUsedMs":185,"segmentStatistics":[],"traceInfo":{},"minConsumingFreshnessTimeMs":0}

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