Pinot On Kubernetes FAQ

How to increase server disk size on AWS

Below is an example of AWS EKS.

1. Update Storage Class

In the K8s cluster, check the storage class: in AWS, it should be gp2.

Then update StorageClass to ensure:

allowVolumeExpansion: true

Once StorageClass is updated, it should be like:

2. Update PVC

Once the storage class is updated, then we can update PVC for the server disk size.

Now we want to double the disk size for pinot-server-3.

Below is an example of current disks:

Below is the output of data-pinot-server-3

Now, let's change the PVC size to 2T by editing the server PVC.

kubectl edit pvc data-pinot-server-3 -n pinot

Once updated, the spec's PVC size is updated to 2T, but the status's PVC size is still 1T.

3. Restart pod to let it reflect

Restart pinot-server-3 pod:

Recheck PVC size:

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